Fans around the NFL were hyped to finally watch some Football on a Sunday again. Unfortunately, their plans were canceled when the NFL realized that the paint on the field had made football virtually impossible. The move made sense and prevented what would have been countless injuries on a field that resembled tar more than turf.

President of the Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame President David Baker had to make several tough decisions today. Would he cancel a highly anticipated game but endanger the players? If he did cancel, but he refund the money to the fans who bought tickets? And could the Hall of Fame withstand the loss in revenue that would be caused by such an event?

David Baker has answered all those questions already.

It's good to see the president do the right thing. The fans will still get to watch the speeches of those inducted, but will not be able to witness the football that they came for. I feel bad for those people who traveled a long way to come to the game, but this stuff can happen.

I'm just glad that the NFL prioritized safety over money in this case.

How did this happen?

According to David Baker, the field was in excellent shape leading up to the Hall of Fame Game. The brand new field passed all tests when it was installed and passed all tests this morning. The grounds crew unfortunately used the wrong paint around the midfield and the endzone in the afternoon.

This caused the paint to congeal, making the playing field more like tar instead of turf. That dangerous ground prompted the NFL to cancel a game that fans had waited more than 6 months for.

Fans will have to wait until Thursday, August 11th, before they can finally get a taste of football again. I was starving for some action after an off-season bereft of any truly interesting news.

The pre-season is also a sign that the regular season will actually begin soon. That's why I was the Hall of Fame Gamewould begin tonight, but I suppose I can wait a few more days before I finally get my football fix in.

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