Hardly anyone thought it would be possible, but given his confirmed appearance in the upcoming video game WWE 2K17, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Goldberg is reportedly in talks to return to WWE.

Goldberg left WWE on bad terms in 2004

When Bill Goldberg, better known to Wrestling fans by his last name alone, left WWE in 2004, it wasn’t on the best of terms. He and Brock Lesnar had fought at WrestleMania XX in what was a much-hyped match that turned out to be a huge dud. As fans knew both men were due to leave the company, and given that it would be their last WWE match, they both mailed it in, with the audience loudly booing their every move, or lack thereof.

Due to that and his arguably underwhelming overall run, Goldberg’s relationship with the company was seriously ruined, and he repeatedly made statements about not wanting to ever return in the future. However, it would now seem that the man who once won an (apparently padded) 173 straight matches during his days as WCW’s top face is willing to give WWE another try, now that he’s fast approaching his 50th birthday.

Sources claim Goldberg and WWE are talking turkey on potential return

A report from TMZ Sports cited unnamed sources, claiming Goldberg is discussing a possible return to wrestling with unnamed WWE officials. This comes not long after the wrestler signed an agreement to appear in 2K Sports’ upcoming title WWE 2K17, and with that deal already sealed, it looks like Goldberg and WWEmay continue working together going forward.

One of TMZ’s sources claims that “the wheels are (now) in motion” for a wrestling deal to be hammered out.

TMZ Sports added that Goldberg’s once-militant stance against WWE had “softened in a big way” when the publication spoke with him last week. At that time, he told TMZ Sports that he would be willing to listen if the promotion wanted to sign him up as a wrestler, and that at 49-years-old, there’s no point in focusing on “past differences.”

Should Goldberg indeed be returning to WWE, chances are he may do it as a part-time performer at most, much like older talents such as Lesnar, The Undertaker, and in a recent run, Rob Van Dam.

Another possibility is a one-time match at a big-name pay-per-view event, with WrestleMania 33 quite probably in the cards.

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