Former Cleveland Browns linebacker Paul Kruger was released by the team earlier this morning. The 30-year-old veteran has seen a significant decline in his performance since the 2014 season when he accumulated 11 sacks and the Browns decided they no longer needed an older player around.

But that doesn't mean Paul Kruger isn't still a good Football player. He could definitely provide value to a team like the Buffalo Bills, who are desperate for talent at the linebacker position.

Here are five excellent reasons detailing why Kruger now belongs on the Buffalo Bills.

1. Reggie Ragland is out for the Year

The Bills second round pick will miss the entire season with a partially torn ACL. That injury left the Bills a little thin at the linebacker position and prompted the signing of free agent Brandon Spikes and David Hawthorne. Paul Kruger would be an upgrade over both of those players and would give solid additional depth to a position that is currently lacking in it.

2. Shaq Lawson's Injury

Bills first round pick Shaq Lawson is going to miss a significant amount of time in the regular season thanks to a surgery after the 2016 NFL draft. The outside linebacker was expected to contribute and start immediately, but will instead miss at least the first few games of the year.

Paul Krugerwould help fill that void while Lawson is out.

3. He Fits in Rex Ryan's Defense

The versatile defender can play in a few different areas. He's a pass rusher who also has the ability to drop back in coverage and read the quarterback's eyes. The Billsdefense emphasizes that versatility by aligning their defenders in unorthodox positions on almost every play.

And I'm sure Ryan would love to have a guy who gets after the quarterback like Kruger. The linebackeris also a player in need of a second chance, something that Ryan loves to give out to guys like Richie Incognito. It worked once, so why not try it again with a player who has been highly productive in the past?

4. He's a Talented Veteran

Age is just a number. Veterans like Kruger have been around the NFL long enough to understand how the game works and how opposing offenses think. As a veteran, he also knows how to teach younger players how to be better linebackers. That invaluable skill could help rookies Reggie Ragland and Shaq Lawson learn while they watch the Bills defense from the sideline.

5. Brandon Spikes is Bad in Pass Coverage

Spikes is an excellent run defender, but his pass defending skills are lacking. He's just too slow to cover a quicker player like a running back and too small to cover a taller tight end like Rob Gronkowski. At 6 foot 4, Kruger would likely be able to cover some of the taller players in the league while using some of his speed to cover the quicker players in the league.

I think the Bills would rather have an asset rather than a liability in coverage and Kruger would give them that flexibility.

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