The Minnesota Vikings just lost quarterback Teddy Bridgewater for a significant portion of the year. The team was poised to make another jump after a season that included a narrow loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs. Instead, the Vikings will now have to scramble to find adifferent quarterback as talented as the young signal caller. Here are fiveoptionsthe Vikings could consider to help fix their problematic quarterback situation.

1. Mark Sanchez

The most likely candidate for the position would be Sanchez, who will likely beon the trading block after Trevor Siemian was named the starter.

The Broncos have reportedly been in trade talks with the Dallas Cowboys, but the Vikings strike me as a team that needs him more now. Sanchez is just 29-years-old and has some experience in the NFL. At one point, Sanchez and the Jets made it to two consecutive AFC championships. Since then, he has fallen from grace but he is still more talented than veteran Shaun Hill.

2. Colin Kaepernick

The 49ers backup quarterback has drawn a massive amount of attention to himself after refusing to stand for the national anthem. The Vikings could use a guy like Kaepernick on their team to help replace Bridgewater. He's used to running a run first offense and is a very mobile quarterback. Sound familiar? That's because it is essentially the same system run by Bridgewater in the Vikings current offense.

He would fit perfectly as long as he manages to evade those pesky turnovers that seem to plague him.

3. E.J. Manuel

The Buffalo Bills have been frustrated with this guy ever since they drafted him in the first round. He's got all the tools to be a great talent in the NFL, but he lacks the Football smarts that could make him a great quarterback.

Manuel throws the ball with some zip and occasionally shows flashes of greatness. He's also a mobile quarterback, like Colin Kaepernick. If the Vikings think they can train Manuel a little better, they could probably pry Manuel from Buffalo's hands for lessthan a third round pick.

4. Aaron Murray

The Chiefs have been trying to trade the former fifth round pick but haven't yet found any suitors.

Murray hasn't started a NFL game and hasn't proven himself yet, but the Vikings could be willing to take a chance on a guy who was once one of the top quarterback prospects in the nation. If they do, they will have to hope that they were right about the decision. And I can't imagine that Murray would cost must much more than the fifth round pick the Chiefs used on him.

5. Zach Mettenberger

Mettenberger was recently released by the Chargers and could be a perfect fit for a Vikings team that doesn't want to give up too much in a trade. Plus, Mettenberger actually spent some time as a NFL starter and has had some growing pains. It's not a good sign to see that Mettenberger was released by the Chargers, but he would be an option that wouldn't cost the Vikings anything in draft picks.

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