The first regular season NFL game begins on September 8th. That means fantasy Football drafts around the country are quickly starting to take place prior to the start of the year. I've compiled a list of five tips for you that will help fantasy players squash the inexperienced competition.

1. Value Running Backs and Wide Receivers over Quarterbacks and Tight Ends

Fantasy football games are won and lost by good receivers and running backs. There is only one slot for quarterbacks and one slot for tight ends in standard leagues. This means that top level talent at wide receiver and running back disappears quickly, while high level quarterbacks and tight ends tend to stick around.

The allure of Cam Newton is appealing, but players like LeSean McCoy and Brandon Marshall will give you more value than the Panthers quarterback.

2. Draft for depth

When drafting in fantasy football, some people make the mistake of drafting and filling up all of their starter spots before filling up one of their bench spots. This means that valuable picks that could be spent on bench players are used on worthless players like kickers. In most cases, atleast one bench slot should be filled before a starting QB is even drafted. It's important to have solid backup RBs and WRs just in case one of your fantasy players gets injured during the regular season. Don't draft starters just because you want to see all those spots filled up.

3. Don't draft a defense early

People who draft defenses early are wasting a fantasy draft pick and missing out on a guy like Devonta Freeman simply because they love the Seahawks D/ST, which was not even the best fantasy defense last year. This year, leave the defenses alone and instead grab low risk sleepers like wide receivers Devin Funchess and Kevin White.You can always play the matchups that are most appealing to you and utilize the waiver wire to decide what defense works best in any given week.

4. Don't draft Rookies

This is not always the case, but some rookies get more fantasy hype than they are really worth and then underperform in the regular season (Ezekiel Elliot and Montee Ball). You've never seen these guys play in the NFL and you don't really know how they're going to look until their first NFL game, so do you really want to take a chance on them?

Even the ones that go into seemingly perfect situations can perform poorly (Melvin Gordon). If I were you, I'd avoid drafting any rookies early this year.

5. Wait for a Quarterback

It's not worth foregoing a skilled positional RB or WR for a player like Aaron Rodgers when guys like Philip Riversand Tony Romo will be waiting for you in the 10th round. Because there's only one quarterback slot, the number of skilled quarterbacks remains high throughout the fantasy football draft, which means that you should be waiting for as long as possible to draft one.

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