Josh Norman had some choice words for Broncos star receiver Demaryius Thomas earlier in the day, saying that he shut him down in the Super Bowl. But Josh Norman didn't stop there, later calling himself the best cornerback on Earth.

That's a lot of confidence for a player without a ring, whichDemaryius Thomas pointed out after he heard about the callout.

I think Demaryius just destroyed any possible comeback Josh Norman could have had.

Super Bowl

The Broncos defeated the Panthers in the Super Bowl 24-10. The defensive battle was highly lacking in points scored and yardage from either offense. Demaryius Thomas managed to catch just one pass for a total of 8 yards in the game. Peyton Manning was only able to throw for 141 passing yards. So Josh Norman was definitely somewhat responsible for limiting the Broncos offense to such a low yardage total.

Despite that, the Broncos easily defeated the Panthers in the game. And now Demaryius can lord the ring he won over Norman for the rest of his career. Norman went from a great situation to one where he likely can't win a ring with the Redskins. It's hard to see him competing for a Super Bowl again with the Redskins anytime soon.

And it's even harder to take Norman seriously after you realize that he played zone defense for the Panthers.

Zone Defense

Josh Norman did not match up in single coverage for the Panthers most of the time. Instead, Norman usually played a mixture of Cover Two, Cover Three, and other zone defenses. In those structures, Norman excelled, recording four interceptions and breaking up more than half of the passes thrown his way.

That's why it's a bit hard to take Norman seriously when he says that he shut down Demaryius Thomas in the Super Bowl. Norman plays in a zone defense! He doesn't match up with wide receivers one on one and generally has help over the top when he does. Demaryius Thomas might have gotten him back with the Super Bowl comment, but he could have just as easily gotten him back with a different comment about the defensive structure in which he played for the Panthers.

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