Ezekiel Elliott, the former Ohio State Buckeye standout is a rookie for the Dallas Cowboys. He has insane talent and will make Cowboys fans forget about DeMarco Murray. But he has to continuously guard his reputation against any potential scandals. In other words, since Elliott is a rookie, it doesn’t mean he should carry himself like one. Professional athletes should always remember they live in a social media society. This means head coaches, general managers and team owners are always watching their investments.

Ezekiel Elliott visits a Seattle marijuana dispensary

Earlier in the week, the Cowboys played the Seattle Seahawks in an exhibition game.

Since marijuana is legal in Washington, Elliott visited a marijuana dispensary. As luck would have it, someone from TMZ was nearby. This meant that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones also knows. He shared his thoughts with ESPN. “It’s just not good. It’s just not good.”

Although Elliott didn’t buy any marijuana, fans and the media are always seeking the next scandal. Recently, NFL headlines have included marijuana, domestic violence and performance-enhancing drugs (PED). So if Elliott didn’t buy anything, why care? It matters because Elliott is the future of the Dallas Cowboys. If he does something foolish he could lose an endorsement deal or face suspension. In life, perception is reality—even if misguided.

Now the media and sports talk radio hosts will wonder if Elliott smokes marijuana. Regardless, he has created unnecessary drama for himself. Fans and management will wonder if he is hiding something.

Although the Seahawks won 27-17, Elliott finished the game with seven carries for forty-eight yards.

If he averages more than six yards per carry when the season starts, he will become a hero to fantasy football team owners.Ezekiel Elliott will find success in the NFL if he keeps his head straight. Hopefully, his veteran teammates will teach him how to keep his name out of the media for the wrong reasons.

NFL fans and his teammates want Elliott to work hard, study his playbook and stay out of trouble. This will give the media a chance to find another Johnny Manziel or Josh Gordon to cover.

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