Ezekiel Elliott one of the most colorful running backs the NFL has seen in quite some time. For one, he bares more midriff than your average teen pop starlet. Remember that “crop top” suit he wore at the 2016 NFL draft? But beyond his unorthodox sense of fashion, Elliott is also considered a potential NFL superstar, and one who just might win Offensive Rookie of the Year if he makes the most out of the Dallas Cowboys’ formidable offensive line. But much like many a young man visiting Seattle, “Zeke” was apparently curious about a local marijuana dispensary,having been in one of the few states that allow the use of recreational pot.

And Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not happy about it.

Elliott sighted at marijuana dispensary ahead of Cowboys vs. Seahawks

Although Elliott played well in limited playing time – 48 yards on seven carries – his solid preseason debut was soon overshadowed by a video posted on TMZ, where the Cowboys rookie was spotted at a marijuana dispensary mere hours before Dallas was scheduled to take on the Seattle Seahawks. Elliott was not shown on the video making any purchases at the dispensary, but it wasn’t long before people, including the Cowboys’ big boss himself, started making comments about the controversial sighting.

Speaking after the Cowboys’ 27-17 road loss to the Seahawks, Jones said that Elliott’s apparent misadventure at the pot shop was “part of the learning process” all rookies have to go through.

But he added that being sighted at a place that sells a substance banned by the NFL was “(just) not good,”” repeating those words three times to underscore the perceived seriousness of it all.

According to a report from ESPN, the NFL appears “disinclined” to get itself involved in the issue, as Jones’ comments may have been punishment enough for Elliott.

But the report added that the league is keeping a close eye on the enigmatic running back, as his “pattern of behavior” has been quite a concern so far. No specifics were mentioned as to what these behaviors were.

Domestic violence allegations still the biggest concern for Elliott

Even with the TMZ video currently a major talking point among NFL fans, being spotted at a pot dispensary is far from being as big a character issue as domestic violence is.

Last month, Elliott’s ex-girlfriend accused the running back of repeatedly assaulting her. Elliott has gone on record to deny the claims, and has maintained his story since then, but he remains under investigation by the attorney’s office in Columbus, Ohio.

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