The Dallas Cowboys are going into the 2016 season with high hopes, but living on the edge again. Tony Romo the best quarterback in the NFL East is back and supposedly healthy the season for America’s Team looks bright. All-Pro wide receiver Dez Bryant is back from a season where he broke his ankle, hurried back, and spent the season running down the field waving at a quarterback unable to get him the ball.

First round draft choice Ezekiel Elliot from Ohio State leads a battering ram backfield. Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris join Elliot in the backfield and between them they have five 1000 yards seasons between them.

The Cowboys should use this trio to pound the ball behind what some argue is the best offensive line in football. A strong running game will do nothing but make it easier on Romo and a questionable defense. DeMarco Murray benefited from running behind this line and if the truth was told probably wishes he never left Dallas for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Backup quarterback needed

The Cowboys do however need a backup quarterback desperately. Romo has had trouble with his collarbone breaking and last year proved that a quality backup quarterback is not a luxury but a requirement. The Cowboys could not win two games without Romo last year, and that has to be addressed because at Romo’s advancing age the window for winning is closing on the Romo era.

The backup they need to bring in is available. The Cowboys are not looking for someone to take over for Romo, they just need an insurance policy. What is needed is someone who can come in, take care of the ball, and protect a lead which was the area where the backups last year failed. The Cowboys lost several games last year when leading at the half or at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Tim Tebow could be the answer

tim tebow could be the answer for the Cowboys. Tebow is available, he is a winner, and he takes care of the ball well. Otherwise the Boys might not find a better choice until late in the pre-season when teams start letting players go. The problem with that way of thinking is whoever is the backup needs some time, Romo could break that feeble collarbone the first time he is sacked.

Other teams know about the collarbone issue too.

Tebow says he wants to play baseball, but he is a football player in his heart. If the Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team came calling Tebow would jump at the chance to play quarterback while God watched through the hole in Cowboy Stadium. That is what Tex Schram said the hole was for back at the old home of the Cowboys Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas.

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