After the 2011 NFL season, it looked like former Heisman Trophy winner tim tebow was going to make it in the pros after all. Despite concerns that he didn’t have the right set of tools to be a successful NFL quarterback, Tebow was competent in his second pro season, throwing 12 touchdown passes and six interceptions, and rushing for six more on the ground. His on-field genuflecting even started a social media trend known as “Tebowing.” But a trade to the New York Jets in 2012 saw him drop down to a third-string role, and he hasn’t played in the NFL since. Now a few days shy of 29, it looks like Tebow is taking the Michael Jordan route – giving professional baseball a try despite making his name in another sport.

Tebow “actively pursuing” baseball career like Jordan did

ESPN’s Adam Schefter claimed in a report this week that Tebow is “actively pursuing a career in professional baseball,” and hopes to organize a workout for Major League Baseball teams sometime in August. Although the circumstances are different, Tebow’s planned foray into professional baseball, with the MLB a clear target, is similar to Michael Jordan’s previous attempt at playing a second professional sport. In 1993, Jordan, who had then retired from the NBA, signed a minor league baseball contract with the Chicago White Sox, yet had mostly played poorly in Double-A ball. He eventually returned to the NBA toward the end of the 1994-95 season.

That all said, the odds seem to be very long against Tebow, even if he did enjoy great success as a high school baseball player. After all, he will be turning 29 years old on August 14, slightly younger than Jordan when he gave pro baseball a try. And even if baseball scouts believe he would have been drafted had he focused on the sport and played his senior year, Tebow hasn’t played it since his junior year in high school, when he batted .494 but ultimately decided to shift his focus to football as a senior.

Refusal to change positions may have hurt Tebow’s NFL prospects

Tebow’s plans to try professional baseball and work out for major league teams is also indicative of his determination to make it in the NFL in one position, and one position alone – quarterback. Football experts believe that while Tebow might not be starting quarterback material in the pros, he would have ideally been a good role-playing back on offense, most probably an H-back in certain formations.

Still, the former Florida Gators star remained steadfast on his hopes to be taken seriously as an NFL quarterback, saying in 2013 that he'd rather retire or play in Canada than change position in the NFL.

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