Conor McGregor is definitely one of the most quotable men in mixed martial arts these days. He talks a good game and fights an even better one in most cases. And with his UFC 202 rematch against Nate Diaz looming, the “Notorious” McGregor was in peak form at a media conference on Friday, boldly predicting a second-round knockout at the upcoming event.

Bold predictions in store for UFC 202

Although McGregor had lost in spectacular fashion to Diaz at UFC 196, submitting to a rear-naked choke in the match’s second round and marking a grand upset win for the similarly brash Californian, the 28-year-old Irishman has had a history of making good on his pre-match predictions.

Ahead of UFC 194, he said he would knock out Jose Aldo in the first round, and did as he said he would. He had also correctly predicted a second-round knockout against Chad Mendes at UFC 189, according to quotes from UFC president Dana White. For the first match against Diaz, McGregor said he was going to knock out his opponent in the first round.

"I did go out there to KO him in the first round,” he told reporters. “I marched forward, backed him up against the fence and teed off on his head. I did what I said I would do, but respect to him, he stuck it out. He weathered the storm.”

With UFC 202 looming, McGregor added that he will stick to his original UFC 196 battle plan, but will do so with “much more in (his) tank,” and a lot more preparedness against someone whom he feels “got lucky.” He also teased the possibility of a third match against Diaz, should he emerge victorious at UFC 202’s main event as he hopes.

McGregor doesn’t dig WWE, speaks out about Lesnar and CM Punk

In another interesting series of quotes from his media conference, McGregor also took the opportunity to shoot down rumors that he may be interested in joining WWE. Priding himself as a legitimate fighter, he dropped a few profanities as he called most of WWE’s roster “messed up.” Still, he admitted having respect for WWE owner and chairman Vince McMahon and Attitude Era mainstays Triple H and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, referring to them as “Dons.”

McGregor reserved most of his wrestling-related vitriol for Brock Lesnar, saying he could not respect someone who was “juiced up to the eyeballs” at UFC 200.

Lesnar, who remains on contract with WWE, recently failed two drug tests in relation to this appearance.

Additionally, McGregoralso held out some reservations about CM Punk and his chances of UFC success, as he’s yet to make his mixed martial arts debut. Punk (a.k.a. Phil Brooks in real life) left WWE acrimoniously in 2014, and has seen his UFC debut postponed repeatedly due to injury.

He is currently scheduled to face Mickey Gall at UFC 203 on September 10.

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