Appalachian State

There are few lower tier teams in the country that the power 5 teams are afraid to play. Boise State is one program that comes to mind, as is Houston.

Both of these teams have had sustained success against major programs in recent years. However, another growing program that will take on major powers is Appalachian State. Their program is most famous for the great upset of Michigan in 2007, but they have consistently been a great program. Their Football team has several characteristics.

  • Great Defense
  • Balance Offense
  • Force Turnovers
  • Play Disciplined

Over time, they have moved to the Sun Belt in Division 1.

With this move, many people though that the program would drop off quickly. However, it has actually thrived, and they only lost a couple of games last year. The only loss where they were blown out came to Clemson. Although they lost 41-10, they still showed that they are willing to go up against the best programs in the country.


There are a lot of college football experts who think this is the year for tennessee to take the next step. Under Butch Jones, the team has gone from a program on the brink of disaster to one on the brink of sustained success. In his first couple of years, Butch Jones hauled in a couple of top 5 classes. The Volunteers have a unique mix of both talent and experience on this year's team.

In the season ahead, many fans are expecting big things. There are a couple of things that make this team potentially great.

  • Great Quarterback Play
  • Talented Freshman
  • Experienced Lines
  • Great Coaching Staff

The addition of Bob Shoop as the defensive coordinator has many people excited. When he was at Vanderbilt and Penn State, he had one of the best defenses in the country.

Doing anything at a high level at Vanderbilt is an accomplish, especially considering they are the worst football program in the history of the SEC. For Tennessee, this game is more than just a home opener on Thursday.

This is the start to a season that could change the course of the program forever.

Tennessee is a top 10 program all time in college football. They are top five in both bowl appearances and wins, and are eight overall in all time wins. Tennessee needs to capitalize this year in order to keep recruits interested. They currently have the 7th best class in the nation according to, but Butch Jones knows that he wants more.

In this game, Tennessee rolls easily and beats Appalachian State 38-10

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