Coaches Poll

The coaches poll is one of the most popular polls to look at every year in college football. This is a great way for fans to stay engaged in the game, and it also shows how much a team can benefit by getting good publicity. Over time, there are a lot of people who look to this poll to see who the best teams in the country are.

In this poll, Alabama came in at number one followed by Clemson. Many people expect that both of these teams will be fighting it out once the college football playoff rolls around. For some people, it was surprising to see Tennessee come in at number ten. Throughout the preseason, Tennessee has gotten a lot of hype from college football experts around the country.

Phil Steele is one of the most popular college football experts in the industry, and he has the Volunteers as the number 7 team in the country.

Entering the first week of the season, there are a lot of great teams facing one another in the opening week. This is a great thing for college football fans who want to see quality games. Often times, teams warm up with a cupcake schedule that is boring to watch on the field.

Fighting for respect

Many teams left out of the coaches poll are now fighting for respect. The Florida Gators were able to squeak into the Top 25, but many other teams were left out. Some college football programs, like Vanderbilt, generally have no hope of sustained success in the SEC.

However, programs like Arkansas have been successful in recent years and they were left out of the top 25. Another SEC team that has its work cut out for them is Auburn. After dismissing star running back Jovon Robinson, the Tigers are now left with one running back on the roster who has made an impact in a game.

In addition, they are looking at a season with a difficult schedule as they play in the SEC West.

This is going to be a great year in college football. The top 25 from the coaches is always fun to look at in the preseason. If you favorite team did not make the cut, there is still plenty of time for them to improve throughout the year.

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