The 2016 ESPN Coaches top 25 college Football poll:

  • 1) Alabama
  • 2)Clemson
  • 3)Oklahoma
  • 4)Florida State
  • 5) Ohio State
  • 6) LSU
  • 7) Stanford
  • 8) Michigan
  • 9) Notre Dame
  • 10) Tennessee
  • 11) Michigan State
  • 12) Mississippi
  • 13) Houston
  • 14) TCU
  • 15) Iowa
  • 16) Georgia
  • 17) USC
  • 18) Washington
  • 19) Oklahoma State
  • 20) North Carolina
  • 21) Baylor
  • 22) Oregon
  • 23) louisville
  • 24) UCLA
  • 25) Florida

One of the first things you should note when reading this is how many of the teams look to be ranked about right where they should be. In the case of USC it came as a genuine surprise to find them at #17. Normally ranked in or near the top 10, it's refreshing to see the Trojans ranked about where they should be.After finishing last season 8-6 and breaking in a new coaching staff, the team could be ranked even lower.

However, USC recruiting classes are usually well inside the top ten. As a result, this team is over flowing with talent three deep.Normally, based on talent alone, it is a safe bet to put USC in the top ten before the season starts. Hats off to the voting coaches for ranking them about where they should be.

Over-rated college football teams going into 2016:

Oklahomaranked number three in the nation is too high. The ranking reflects the better than expected results from 2015 rather than the team this year. They did finish 11-2 last season but when they met a true playoff quality team in Clemson they were hammered 37-17.

The 2016 Sooners have a much less experienced line backing corps. They lose five of the top six tacklers, including two time all American, Eric Striker.

No doubt the group coming up will be talented but they will need some time to get to where they were. In addition, both toss up games last year -- Tennessee and TCU -- went the Sooner's way. Will that happen again?While likely top ten, this doesn't look to be a playoff team, at least out of the gates.

Ohio Stateranked number five in the nation is too high for the least experienced team in college football. Urban Meyer is a great football coach but the schedule says they lose two and maybe the Big Ten title game. If so, that puts them in more like #12 to #15 range this year.

LSU ranked number six in the nation seems high for a team with so many question marks at the quarterback position.

Brandon Harris, a 54 percent passer last season, only threw for 13 TD's and six interceptions. In addition, the Tigers play in the tough SEC west, where winning can whittle a team down over the season.

LSU is easily one of the most talented teams in the country and they could win every game. The obvious question is why are they ranked six instead of a more reasonable 12th? Is it a result of what happened with Les Milesrather than an assessment of what they can accomplished on the field?

After all is said and done, the poll is still just a group's best guess. As the games are played and the season goes, some of these teams will move up while others move down. Still, it's always interesting to look back after the year is done to see how close we all were in the beginning.

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