Now that we have seen the college Football playoff system work for a couple of years, all likely agree it's better than the old one.

Still not perfectbut much better. I'm not one of the let's expand the playoff to 16 teams guys. Just so folks know the final four may not be the best four. Why is that? Glad you asked!

Conference Championship Games

It's because of Conference Championship Games. Rather than a long-winded explanation, let me give you a hypothetical to explain.

Let's say that there is only one playoff spot left because three are taken by 13-0 teams this year (unlikely, but possible).

Also, say North Carolina loses to Georgia in game one but goes 12-1 after winning the ACC conference championship game.

Then say Alabama loses to Tennessee in October but wins the SEC championship game and is 12-1. Who gets in? Why?

Playoff team predictions

In the scenario above, we can never know positively which team is best. But we all know which team probably gets the bid. Nosystem is so perfect as to eliminate every possible question. That is why a list of possible playoff teams likely won't match a list of the best team for team.

In the following, we take conference championships and divisional opponents into account. Here are the 10 most likely teams to be in the college football playoff this season:


10) TCU -The Frog's rush defense gave up 4.2 yards per carry last season. That is almost a yard per carry more than a Gary Patterson defense usually allows.

Even so, they were 8-0 and ranked #2 at one point. Expect an improvement on defense this year.

9) Notre Dame -Lost the last game of the season to Stanford 38-36, causing the Irish to miss the playoffs. Expect them to be in the hunt when they travel to USC at the end of this season.

8) Stanford -The Pac 12's best chance to make the college football playoff this season!

7) Tennessee -If the Vols win the SEC East, they have a shot at the SEC title. If they win there, why not?

More Likely:

6) LSU -See #7 and replace east with west.

5) Ohio State -Urban Meyer's Ohio State team has lost three regular season games the past four years. They play at Oklahoma and finish at Michigan State and home with Michigan.

4) Oklahoma -The Sooners have 13 returning starters from a team that won 11 games in 2015. They have the top-rated quarterback, running backs and defensive backs in The Big 12. In addition, their offensive and defensive lines are ranked second in the league.

3) Clemson -Finished 14-0 in the 2015 regular season and went toe to toe with Alabama in the championship game. They return 12 starters, including Deshaun Watson, the best dual-threat quarterback in the nation.

Most Likely:

2) Florida State -49-6 the past four years, they return 17 starters. Starting tailback, Dalvin Cook rushed for 1691 yards in 2015 and will be a Heisman contender this year. This team is loaded, even by Florida State standards.

1) Alabama -Lost a lot of talent to the NFL draft. So what? Their recruiting classes have been ranked #1 the past four years in a row. In addition, this coaching staff has the ability to keep the players hungry, even after winning it all last year.

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