As the furor over Colin Kaepernick and his refusal to stand for the national anthem continues, all eyes will be on him as he prepares to start for the San Francisco 49ers in their next preseason game, against the San Diego Chargers. His performance may very well determine whether he stays or goes as a Niner, and if he does get cut for whatever reason, there are NFL executives who apparently wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole.

Kaepernick inspires great vitriol in unnamed NFL front office bigwigs

Writing for Bleacher Report, Mike Freeman said that while some NFL team officials respect Kaepernick’s decision to protest against the unfair treatment of African-Americans by sitting during the national anthem, most actually are disgusted by the 28-year-old quarterback.

Freeman said that out of the seven unnamed team executives he interviewed, all of them didn’t want to sign Kaepernick, and all of them said they believe almost all NFL teams felt likewise about him.

The superlatives the execs used when describing their hatred for Kaepernick were quite plentiful on Freeman’s report. One said that “Kap” was the most disliked NFL player since Rae Carruth, the Carolina Panthers wide receiver who went to jail, and remains in jail for plotting the murder of his pregnant girlfriend. Another said that Kaepernick is a “traitor” to the United States, while yet another commented that he may want to resign from his team rather than take a chance on the controversial QB.

Report adds 49ers may release Kap even if he plays well

Though it may seem that the San Francisco 49ers and coach Chip Kelly respect Kaepernick’s beliefs on race relations and decision not to stand for the national anthem, Freeman’s report added that “external pressure” may soon force the Niners to cut Kap loose.

He said that on top of Kaepernick no longer being the dynamic, productive player he used to be, he has also become a “radioactive” presence due to the controversy. Freeman, citing the same team officials he interviewed, said they think it may be about a week before the 49ers release Kaepernick regardless of his quality of play, though sources close to the quarterback suggest he had been expecting to get cut anyway due to the issue.

Former NFL star Rodney Harrison says Kaepernick “isn’t black”

Indeed, there are a lot of NFL officials, players, and pundits upset with Kap at this point in his career. But what may have been the most ludicrous comment in the whole Colin Kaepernick saga may have come from Rodney Harrison, the star wide receiver turned NBC analyst. Speaking to Houston’s SportsTalk 790, Harrison said that since Kaepernick is “not black,” he can’t be expected to understand what he faces as a black man, and what black people and people of color face in their daily lives. Harrison also insinuated that he doesn’t think Kaepernick encounters situations where black people walk into a grocery store and are looked at like they’re “about to steal something.”

As Harrison’s statements caused a lot of controversy and backlash, he eventually apologized, though he got more flak on Twitter for adding he wasn’t even aware Kaepernick was mixed-race.

Kaepernick has been playing in the NFL since 2011, and started for the 49ers for most of 2012 through 2015.

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