The Chicago Times has confirmed that the Chicago Cubs have canned an unnamed DJ for playing “Smack My B***h Up” by a group called Prodigy. Since the infamous ‘90s song is too offensive for MTV or the radio, why would anyone think it was okay forWrigley Field? Apparently, the DJ found humor in a song about domestic violence.

TheDJ playedthe songas Aroldis Chapmanwalked away from the mound. Last year, Chapman’s girlfriend accused him of physically assaulting her. The incident occurred at a party with witnesses present. Chapman's girlfriendtold police that Chapman choked her and pushed her against a wall.

He then dischargedseveral shots with hisfirearm. Chapman’s girlfriend became angry when she found another woman’s phone number on his phone.

Although no criminal charges were filed against Chapman, MLB still suspended him for domestic violence

Eventually,Chapman’s girlfriend declined to press charges, Major League Baseball (MLB) suspended him earlier for 30 games; the suspension cost Chapman $1.85 million. Even without a conviction or arrest, MLB can suspend a player for domestic violence on principle alone. Chapman denies assaulting his girlfriend. He said he poked her with his finger, which caused her to fall.

Originally, the L.A. Dodgers offered the Cincinnati Reds a deal to get Chapman. The Dodgers recanted once Chapman’s domestic violence accusation made the news.

After the Dodgers moved on, the New York Yankees gambled on him. As a Yankee, he pitched 31 innings and had a microscopic 2.01 E.R.A. Sure he had great statistics, but the Yankees aren’t playing for anything other than pride since they have no chance at playing in this year’s World Series.

Fans claim they don’t want Chapman, but the Cubs will need his arm if they want to get to the World Series

Chicagoans weren’t happy when the Cubs signed Chapman. They didn’t think the team should trust a player with domestic violence issues. Although fans and some media talking heads made the signing a moral issue, the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in more than 100 years.

And if the Cubs make it to the World Series, every Cubs fan will forget about Chapman’s personal issues and cheer him on.And it’s a guarantee that GM Theo Epstein wants to bring a championship to Chicago. Epstein knows that he needs a reliable closer to finish games. Since coffee is for closers, someone bring Epstein and Chapman some strong dark coffee because these guys are closers.

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