The Chargers selected defensive end Joey Bosa with the 3rd overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft after posting a dismal 4-12 record. Bosa was drafted to help improve a defense that struggled to contain opposing offenses in 2015. But the Chargers and Bosa have been embroiled in a rare rookie contract dispute for the entire offseason that is already straining the relationship between the two parties.

Contract Dispute

Players drafted within the top five are usually able to eliminate either the offset language or eliminate bonus signing deferment. Every player drafted #3 overall since 2012 has had one of the two above stipulations eliminated from the contract.

The Chargers have stood firm and refuse to get rid of either, foolishly clinging to a "Charger Way" that hasn't delivered a playoff appearance since 2010. Joey Bosa isn't demanding the elimination of both stipulations, he just wants to get rid of one. And that's why it's so hard to believe that the Chargers have not yet budged in negotiations. When Bosa does finally sign a deal, he will be the latest first rounder to ever sign under the current CBA.

And that means Bosa is missing valuable time that could be spent learning the defense at training camp.

Once the season starts, Bosa will immediately be thrown into a fray that he may not have enough experience for. Right now, it looks like the Chargers are making a terrible decision by refusing to meet Bosa's very reasonable demands.

Strained Relationships

The Chargers have already gone too far in upsetting Bosa, who just wants to be treated like every other first round pick before him.

Even Bosa's mom has come out and criticized the Chargers organization for the way that they have handled the entire process.

Don't the Chargers want their employees to be happy?

History and the Eli Manning situation says that they aren't really interested.

The "Chargers Way" has gone on for far too long. It's time for the Chargers to finally admit that they are wrong and agree to the demands of the young rookie. All he wants is to be treated equally, and the Chargers can't even manage to do that. If they don't figure something out soon, the Chargers will run the risk of an unhappy Bosa giving minimal effort on the field on Sundays.

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