As a new football season is fast approaching on us, the Seattle Seahawks are definitely starting the year off right. At least they are when it comes to CenturyLink Field, that is. Hopefully, they can continue their winning ways as well, but starting with a host of new improvements for their fans at CenturyLink Fieldis a good start to the year as well. Their effort to appeal to their market begins with a number of new improvements, such as the following:

CenturyLink Field will have a better food menu

Although it depends on your point of view, perhaps the best new improvement at CenturyLink Field will be an improved gametime menu.

This will start with new food stands, that will be selling new waffles and chicken choices. This new menu will definitely appeal to those who have not been to the stadium for a while, and might even entice some people to become new season ticket holders as well. The most notable difference will perhaps be from the vendors at Ezell's Famous Chicken, which is definitely pleased to announce many new menu choices to whet your appetite as you watch Russell Wilsonand the rest of the Seahawks crew march down the field to blitz an opposing defense for yet another touchdown.

Tillamook Cheddar also has a new bacon cheeseburger at CenturyLink Fieldthat is truly going to be something special, because it is actually designed by world famous chef John Howie.

If the food changes were just the only improvement, it would be something to get very loud and excited over. But wait, there is more...

CenturyLink Field will have some great new innovations

The whole experience at CenturyLink Fieldhas been upgraded, and this includes a great new LED screen above the upper bowl right in the stadium.

To start with, what better way to watch Thomas Rawlstry to mimic the exploits of former RB Beast Mode than to watch it on the big screen! And what better way to watch Cliff Avril or Michael Bennet on the D go in for another sack against a frustrated opposing offense! However, there is yet another improvement that is going to have you excited for opening day...

CenturyLink Field has an enhanced shopping experience

Merchants at CenturyLinkknow that it is all about eye appeal, so they have remodeled their shops to enhance your shopping experience. You can now buy your apparel in the most convenient manner possible, with an excellent walk-in shopping experience. All of these improvements make going to the gridiron in the football stadiuman enriching and enjoyable family experience!

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