The Fall of Virginia Tech

At one time, Virginia Tech was one of the best college football programs in the country. Although they never won a national title under Frank Beamer, they did play for one in 1999 with Michael Vick at the helm. Over time, this program started to fall off from the national conversation. Fans started to wonder aloud about whether Frank Beamer could sustain his levels of success. His teams had several things in common during his prime.

  • Great Special Teams
  • Tough Defense
  • Discipline

This past year, the legendary head coach decided to step down from his role. This is an important shift in the history of the program.

They need to start winning big on a national stage again, especially as Clemson is starting to become one of the top teams in the conference and country.

It will always be difficult for this program to compete with Florida State and Miami. This year, the team has a big matchup with a tough Tennessee team at the Battle at Bristol. This will be the largest attended college football game in history.

Justin Fuente

There are a lot of young head coaches who are rising up in the ranks. One of the most popular is Justin Fuente. When he was at Memphis, he was able to take that terrible football program to new heights. Not only did he beat Ole Miss last year, but he also put Memphis back on the college football map with Paxton Lynch at quarterback.

After the season, he accepted the job at Virginia Tech with the tough task of rebuilding a program that had fallen on hard times.

There are a lot of expectations on him in his first year. Virginia Tech fans are tired of losing big games, and he brings a certain calm over the fan base. Recruiting has dropped off in recent years, and fans need to realize this is more than just a one year rebuilding job.

Facing Tennessee in the second game of the season is not going to be easy. However, if anyone is up to the challenge, it is him. Looking forward to the season, it is vital that the Hokies start out strong. If they do, the players will start believing in their head football coach again and anything is possible.

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