Marcell Dareus was suspended for four games by the NFL after violating the substance abuse policy of the league. Today, Dareus revealed how exactly he broke the rules.According to Dareus, a missed drug test is the reason for hissuspension. It's good news that he wasn't suspended for PED use, but bad news that he was irresponsible enough to miss a drug test when the NFL has been seriously cracking down on the issue. The Bills organization has been extremely disappointed with Dareus, suggesting that he put his own needs above those of the team.

The Buffalo Bills were not afraid to criticize Dareus for this move and did not hold back when they did so.

But where does Marcell Dareus stand in all of this?

Marcell Dareus' apology

Marcell Dareus gave an apology to his team after the suspension, saying that his actions are now worth more than words.

If Dareus wants to continue in the NFL, he will need to be more responsible and show up for drug tests in the future. There's no guarantee that he would have tested positive for anything if he did show up, but it's fair to speculate. It's also fair to call Marcell Dareus' truthfulness into question after one of his statements about the suspension.

It's a bit hard to believe that Dareus is telling the truth when he clearly lied here. If he did tell the team about the suspension as he said, Rex Ryan would have known by Sunday.

But Dareus knows that his team always has his back and will remain behind him throughout his suspension.


The Bills will be without one of their best defenders for the first four games of the year.

That's a huge blow to a team that will need all the help it can get in four tough games against the Ravens, Patriots, Jets, and Cardinals. Without Dareus, the Bills lack the solid interior that makes up the core of their run defense. The Bills just hope that they will be able to use other defenders successfully enough to succeed without him.


Marcell Dareus is too talented for the Bills to cut ties with him. He signed a six year, 108 million dollar extension with 60 million in guarantees prior to the 2015 NFL season. His contract is too huge for the Bills to do anything but wait. That means the Bills will just have to hope that Dareus can be mature enough to avoid drugs and suspensions in the future.

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