Brandon Spikes hasn't played a game in the NFL since 2014, but he's about to rejoin the league. According to a report from Mike Rodak, the Bills have signed the linebacker to fill the potential void left from an injury to Reggie Ragland.

The severity of Ragland's injury is not yet known, but Spikes appears to be the backup plan if it is. The Bills were counting on second round pick Reggie Ragland to be a starter immediately and would need an experienced veteran like Spikes to step in if he misses a significant amount of time.

First stint with the Bills

Brandon Spikes played a majority of his career with the Patriots, but joined the Bills in 2014.

He was a solid player for the Bills, contributing effectively to one of the best defenses in the league. When he was on the team, the Bills broke their team record for sacks thanks to a defense that featured Jerry Hughes, Mario Williams, and Marcell Dareus. Brandon Spikes also played a role, stuffing the run at every opportunity. In 2014, the Bills ranked near the top of the league in rushing defense and managed to post a record of 9-7.

Brandon Spikes is just 28 and is already an experienced veteran in the league. He has played in the AFC East for every year of his career, giving him invaluable familiarity with the systems of every team. That knowledge could come in handy against the Patriots, who actually did sign him prior to the 2015 season.

He was unfortunately released after an issue with the police. The Reggie Ragland injury necessitated a need for a new linebacker, and Brandon Spikes fits the bill perfectly. Even without an injury, the Bills could use the added depth that Spikes provides at linebacker.

Second chances

There is no person who believes in second chances more than Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan.

Spikes has had numerous issues in his time as an NFL player, including drug charges in his rookie year, late hits, and negligent driving away from the scene of an accident. But Rex Ryan still believes that Brandon Spikes can turn things around and trusts him to do the right thing now. Giving second chances paid off last year, when the Bills got a high quality guard in Richie Incognito.

As long as Brandon Spikes stays out of trouble, the Bills should be getting another talented steal this year.

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