The Eagles and Buccaneers opened preseason play on Thursday night. The Buccaneers haven't looked good so far, allowing 14 points to an Eagles team that has taken full advantage of bad Buccaneers mistakes.

But Jameis Winston managed to lead a solid drive against the Eagles defense and throw a touchdown strike to Russell Shephard. Unfortunately Buccaneers second round pick Roberto Aguayo was unable to finish the drive, missing the extra point that would have finished it.


It's hard to believe that a kicker with as much talent as Aguayo could ever miss an extra point. Here's the video evidence to prove that even Aguayo can miss extra points sometimes.

That's tough. There's already a lot of pressure on Aguayo to deliver big results as a second round pick. Typically, players selected in that round are expected to be solid starters almost immediately.

The Buccaneers will be counting on their new kicker to deliver in clutch situations, not miss extra points. But it's definitely not thetime for Buccaneers fans to panic just yet.

It's Not Time to Panic.

Despite the missed field goal, fans shouldn't overreact just yet. Remember how Jameis Winston started his preseason last year?

And let's try to remember that Roberto also had an absurdly good college career in which he never missed a field goal from this distance.

Eventually, he was going to miss one of these.

Let's try to ignore that awful remark about the Buccaneers and try to remain calm.

It's better for Aguayo to miss these field goals in the preseason anyway. Can you imagine how much pressure he is under as a second round kickerthat the Buccaneers actually traded up to get?

\There are still some people who are questioning the merits of that decision, meaning that Aguayo is already forced to carry a burden on his back.

It's pretty early to write about a player who has yet to play a full game in the NFL. Before we cast aspersions on Roberto Aguayo, let's at least give him a season to prove himself as a kicker. It's definitely not thetime to declare the situation a dumpster fire, as some people on Twitter have already chosen to do.

I'm just hoping that fans will give Aguayo a chance before thinking that he was a complete waste of a pick.

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