Cleveland Browns historically

The Cleveland Browns are historically one of the worst teamsin the entire NFL. They have not gotten over eight wins in eight years. The last time the Browns had a winning record was 2007. They have placed fourth in the AFC North for the past five years and show no signs of improving. The Cleveland Browns have lost both of their preseason games thus far. They might have a chance of beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their third preseason game, and have a better chance of beating the Chicago Bears in week four of the preseason. They are 6-3 against the Buccaneer and 9-3 against the Bears.

In addition, it is unlikely that either of these teams will be putting out their best players. Cleveland must have a better showing in these next two games if they want to start the season out on a good note.

The Browns thought that drafting Robert Griffin IIIwould push them in the right direction towards a winning season, and he has showed he has the potential to lead the Browns towards a win, but if he cannot pull them out a win in the preseason where most teams aren’t playing their best players, it is very unlikely that Griffin III will be able to lead them towards a winning record in the regular season. The Browns must learn how to make use of the weapons Griffin III is providing, and keep his mood swings in check, if they want to show fans their potential to continue the great sports year Cleveland is having.

Looking forward to the regular season

Overall, the first two preseason games have shown that Griffin III’s presence isn’t enough to pull the Browns out of their losing pattern. However, the preseason isn’t definitive. The Browns could pull off a winning season and Griffin III could prove he still has juice left in him.

The preseason does however indicate that the Browns still have a lot of work to do if they want to make that happen. If they can get their act together and show off some good moves in the last two games, the Browns might have some hope of breaking that eight year losing streak.

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