Rock fans know him as one of the most prominentfigures of the ‘90s alternative scene, the frontman, founder, and only consistent member of the Smashing Pumpkins. But Billy Corgan has also been a Wrestling fan for as long as he can remember, and, as of last year, a key member of TNA’s creative team. And with erstwhile president and on-air authority figure Dixie Carter moving on to her new role as chairwoman, she has appointed the iconicrocker as TNA’s new president, little more than a year after he first joined the company.

Corgan is a “visionary” and “savvy businessman,” says Carter in statement

As president of TNA Wrestling, Corgan will be in charge of leading and supervising operations for parent company IMPACT Ventures and all its other affiliates. He had signed with IMPACT in 2015, and was announced as TNA’s new senior producer of Creative and Talent Development in April of that year, beginning work for the company a month later.

“Billy is a visionary, an iconic artist and savvy businessman with an incredibly gifted creative mind,” said Carter in TNA’s official press release announcing the organizational change. “He has built a decades-long successful global brand, and also has a deep passion and understanding for professional wrestling.”

Could Corgan help save TNA’s seemingly sinking ship?

In recent years, TNA has been dealing with more than its fair share of tough times.

Long viewed as a poor second place to WWE in the professional wrestling space, the company has seen many of its wrestlers depart for WWE, including AJ Styles, who has made a huge splash since his January 2016 debut at the Royal Rumble, and the likes of Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode, who now compete for WWE’s developmental brand NXT.

TNA’s flagship show Impact Wrestling has also hopped from network to network as of late, having moved from Spike TV to Destination America in January 2015, then from Destination America to Pop in January of this year. Further, the company’s storylines have often been viewed as inferior to those showcased on WWE programming.

However, TNA has shown signs of turning a corner, at least in a creative sense, with the “Final Deletion” match and feud between Matt and Jeff Hardy having received largely positive feedback from wrestling fans and journalists alike. It remains to be seen how TNA will fare with Corgan as president, but his appointment to president does hold a lot of promise, and should be very interesting to monitor going forward.

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