Bills fans are tired of watching their team rack up penalties in every single game. They're even more annoyed when referees fail to make proper calls and screw over the entire Bills fanbase. In a game against the Redskins, the Bills racked up a whopping 13 penalties and ended up losing by a final score of 21-16.

Terrible Calls.

At the heart of the problem were two roughing the passer calls made by Ed Hochuli's crew. Both plays would have resulted in sacks, but Hochuli apparently decided that tackling opposing quarterbacks was illegal for the Bills.

And fans on Twitter let him know just how awful the two calls really were.

And those weren't the only bad calls! There was a questionable defensive holding penalty that wiped out an interception and several non-calls on the Redskins that further frustrated any Bills fan. And it seemed like every good play the Bills had was wiped out by some sort of ridiculous penalty.

More Complaints.

At one point, Bills fansdecided to estimate the total number of penalties that the Bills would accumulate by the end of the game.

One suggested that the total number of penalties would eventually reach a total of 30.

Of course, more than half of that total would have been called against the Bills.

Don't the refs get tired of throwing flags on every single play? It's a lot of work to throwthat little flag and figure out what the Bills did wrong on every play!

I guess not. The refs were calling penalties until the last plays of the game.

A would be Greg Little touchdown was wiped out by what was actually offensive pass interference and a false start penalty left the Bills with a small chanceof victory. But things wouldn't be as bad if Ed Hochuli had called the game fairly.

Redskins Penalties.

Ed Hochuli's crew missed several penalties that should have been called against the Redskins. Walter Powell was hit late by a defensive back, but did not retaliate, even when Hochuli refused to throw one of the nine million flags that seemed to litter the field on every play.

And the later calls were so bad that Bills fans started wondering if Hochuli had some sort of vendetta against their team.

I think it's fair to question him at this point. Bills fans are already tired of being mistreated by every official in the NFL. The only time the Bills ever got fair treatment was when replacement referees actually made legitimate penalty calls against opposing teams. In all seriousness, the Bills still have a serious problem that they need to address.

Fix the Penalties.

Some of the penalties called on the Bills were definitely accurate. Rex Ryan's team suffered through the season last year thanks to an abundance of them. If the Bills are going to make a playoff run, they will need to cut down and eliminate all those free yards they're giving to other teams.

It's funny until you realize that this is still a major problem. Rex Ryan needs to fix this issue before it destroys the team, even if Ed Hochuli made several questionable calls during the game.Bills fans are just hoping that theydon't draw Ed Hochuli and his crew in any games during the regular season.

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