Buffalo Bills players play and live together as a team. Part of that includes poking fun at some of your teammates. Bills cornerbackKevon Seymour and Aaron Williams have chosen to engage in their own battle of words on Twitter. Most of the debate hinges around the fact that Seymour is currently a rookie who has not yet played in the NFL. Aaron Williams has been sidelined with injury for an extended period of time, but that doesn't mean he will keep his mouth shut.

Start of a War

Aaron Williams started things off by making fun of the young rookie's appearance.

It's kind of hard to not laugh at a sentence ending with the word rook.

But it is a little hard to believe that Kevon Seymour is actually an ugly person. He plays in the NFL and is in excellent physical shape. He also had enough confidence to respond to Williams' Tweet with one of his own.

That's the confidence Bills fans want to see in a young rookie cornerback. Be confident in your abilities and in your appearance and success will soon follow. Unfortunately, Aaron wasn't quite down with poor Kevon yet.

Aaron took things to yet another level with this post featuring none other than Batman and Superman.

But Kevon Seymour had what was quite possibly the best response possible to Aaron's little jab.

That's it, rookie! Take on the old veteran! Don't stand down and give in to Aaron Williams. I'm glad to see that a rookie was willing to take a stand against a veteran in a league known for its predatory hazing practices.

Unfortunately, Kevon Seymour will probably learn another lesson from his older teammates pretty soon.

When you mess with the more experienced guys, you invite more scrutiny to yourself.

As a sixth round draft pick, Seymour should be able to handle whatever Aaron chooses to throw his way. In all seriousness, this joking around is an awesome part of a team building experience and I'm glad to see that the athletes don't take themselves too seriously.

Battles in the future?

For our sake, I hope the two continue this charade in the regular season. These Tweets were definitely good for a couple laughs and gave us some great insights on the relationship between a Bills veteran and rookie. Maybe we'll even see other battles from different players before the season is over!

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