“If you were king or queen of baseball for a day, what would you change?” seemed like a simple question posted on Diehard Nationals, Orioles Hangout and Orioles Magic fan pages on Facebook. The designated hitter, Pete Rose, and Interleague play were some of the top subjects. Orioles’ owner Peter Angelos also caught the attention of Washington fans.

Baltimore fans expressed empathy for hometown stars like Brady Anderson and Raphael Palmiero, but they joined Washington fans voting 4-1 in favor of admitting the man with the most hits in MLB history into the Hall of Fame. Fans voted 5-2 against interleague play with one of the supporters seeking more balance.

The All-Star game needs a revamp

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig decided to give the All-Star game meaning in 2003 by giving the winning team’s league the home team advantage in the World Series. The game is a popularity contest featuring fan favorites, not the best players. Maybe a couple of players on either All-Star team will play in October when the best teams in baseball clash for the world championship. Some of the responders thought this outrageous. First, players, coaches, and managers should determine the rosters and lineups. Most important, the team with the best record in baseball should host the series.

Fans want lower beer prices

It is rare for Baltimore and Washington fans to agree.

A Nats fan would like to see Angelos punished for violating MLB orders to pay Washington $298 million in TV rights, for instance. He suggested punishment include sending the Birds to Triple-A as the Nationals affiliate.While that might be a little extreme, you get the idea. So when a couple of fans agree on something, that’s news.

There were others about speeding up the game, such as a minimum number of batters a relief pitcher should have to face, eliminating or adjusting the replay rule, recording a strike if batter swings or if a part of his uniform or equipment is hit, and being less liberal with batters calling time. That’s what they thought.

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