Clearly, someone who has won four main event titles in WWE deserves more than a confusing alliance with a onetime foe (Zeb Colter) who was once against Mexicans like him “sneaking across the border” in storyline. Such a wrestler deserves more than a lukewarm stable of foreign heels (League of Nations) where all four members were better off on their own. That’s the situation Alberto Del Rio was in, as his second WWE run quickly stumbled after he returned to win the United States Championship from John Cena at October 2015’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. And now, after rumors swirling around about this second run coming to an end soon, it looks like all that’s lacking is an official announcement from the company.

Del Rio opted out of WWE deal 60 days ago

A report from Wrestling Inc’s Raj Giri cited insiders “close to the situation,” as it claimed Tuesday that Alberto Del Rio, through his lawyer, opted out of his WWE contract 60 days ago. Giri added that hewas “frustrated” with the company not fulfilling its promise to give him a main event push, instead placing him in the notorious “MexAmerica” storyline with Colter and placing him in the League of Nations faction after MexAmerica fizzled out.

Del Rio last appeared on WWE television on SmackDown, where he lost to John Cena on the August 19 episode.

Unhappiness with brand split booking also an issue, says Meltzer

Another reliable source of wrestling information, Wrestling Observer mainstay Dave Meltzer, posted a separate report on the Alberto Del Rio contract situation, noting that the wrestler has been removed from all WWE shows, even those scheduled to take place after his suspension.

On August 18, he and hisreal-life girlfriend Paige began serving 30-day suspensions for their first Wellness Policy violations, though Meltzer notes that Paige’s status with WWE might not be an issue, as she’s contracted to the company until 2019.

Meltzer also wrote that Del Rio’s unhappiness with his second WWE run may have also resulted from the fact he and Paige were booked to appear in different brands in July’s brand draft.

Paige was chosen to compete in the RAW brand, but has yet to compete due to injuries and her ongoing suspension. Del Rio, on the other hand, had yet to win a match on SmackDown since the brand split took effect.

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