Last week, when Roger Federer shared his plans for the rest of 2016, the entire Tennis community was rather shocked.

Under the advice of his medical team, the Swiss legend made a hard decision by dropping off any upcoming tournament of 2016.

According to his statement, Federer is eager to return to the ATP Tour at the end of 2017.

In order to do so, he needs a long period off the Tennis court if he wants his knee working right. Somehow, his absence is a genuine rehearsal for the upcoming years. At some point, whether we like it or not,

Federer will quit tennis for good thus the following months will be simply a reminder of what future will eventually bring.

Federer has been strugglinga lot in 2016.

This season was more like a nightmare for the Swiss. A season started in a decent manner with a final in Brisbane and semis at Melbourne went way off the map with some injuries and health problems piling up in the worst possible moment.

RogerFederer had great plans including a glorious run in Rio, but all he ( and also his fans) can do is to look after a beam of light for the future. Federer made it clear that his retirement is off the table for the moments, but as long as he will not play official matches his chances on the tennis court are getting smaller.

Next Monday, 17 times Grand Slam champion will turn 35 and this side of the matter must not be neglected.

At that age, most of the players have cut all the ties with professional tennis, but Federer seems to be made up from a different material. Those who are optimistic hope for an Olympic run in 2020.

By that time Federer will have 39. By letting the imagination flow wildly for a second, a great picture emerges- an almost 40-years-old Federer playing tennis is something mind blowing.

Federer can brag about his amazing career.

The Swiss won almost every possible tournament on the ATP circuit. Still, the forbidden fruit remains the Olympics, the men`s singles gold medal.

In 2012, everyone thought that this is it, with Federer who just won Wimbledon a few weeks ago facing the same opponent, namely Andy Murray.

As it is known, Murray took his revenge and won the Olympic final in men`s singles surpassing Federer in the final match.

If Federer will end his career without that gold medal ( which is quite possible if not probable), it`ll be a minus to add to his showcase, but let`s not forget that he is been around for the last 15 years, and in a spectacular way. Those 17 Grand Slam titles are the irrefutableproof no one can alter.

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