The New York Yankees are back at the .500 mark for the season and that could be a big problem for the team and its fans. As long as the team hovers around that mark then some in the organization believe they still have a shot at the playoffs. The one thing New York needs to do is figure out if they are going to be buyers or sellers and go all out in that direction. If they just continue to float around in the middle than that is the worst possible scenario for this present squad and the future of the Yankees as well.

Is Michael Pineda part of the Yankees future?

The Yankees haven't made any major moves since the season has started, but now is the time to do just that. is reporting that the Miami Marlins are interested in trading for starting pitcher Michael Pineda. If the rumor is true then the Yankees should jump all over that. Pineda has been absolutely terrible this season. He is sporting a 5.56 earned run average and has given up at least one earned run in each of his 18 starts. He has been plagued by the gopher ball all season long, allowing 18 so far this season, including giving up three home runs to the Boston Red Sox in his last start. Pineda has allowed at least five earned runs in seven starts.

Not clear what Marlins offering.

It isn't clear what the Marlins may be offering, but if it is anything of value the Yankees need to pounce. Pineda just hasn't been able to put it all together and the Yankees need to deal him while he still has some value.

He is still just 27 years old and some team may believe they have what it takes to get the best out of him, so let them give it a shot.

The Yankees need to pick a lane.

The Yankees should probably realize that this season is pretty much lost and make moves for the future, but if they think they can make the playoffs then they need to add something to this team.

Either way Michael Pineda doesn't need to wear the pinstripes any longer. Trade Pineda for the most you can get and bring up someone from the minors. As long as they can do better than a mid 5.00 ERA and a record of 3-9 then that is an improvement. Realistically that shouldn't be a difficult task at all.

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