The New York yankees lost again on Saturday night against the lowly Tampa Bay Rays, this time 6-3. It was the Yankees second loss in a row to the last place team in the American League East and it is time for fans and the organization to realize that there will be no playoffs in the Bronx in 2016. Since the Yankees will be playing golf when October rolls around it is time for the team to have a fire sale.

Time for a huge change

The Yankees aren't usually sellers when the trade deadline comes around, but things haven't been going very well the last few years and it is time to make some bold moves.

As always you need to trade talent to get talent and the Yankees should think hard about moving reliever Andrew Miller. The market for high quality relievers is definitely a seller's one so general manager Brian Cashman needs to take advantage. There are still several teams looking for a big bullpen arm and Cashman could get a few good young players in return. Also the Yankees may want to see if they could make someone take one of their bad contracts, like a Brett Gardner, when they trade for Miller.

Got to get something while you can

Veteran players such as Carlos Beltran and Mark Teixeira will be free agents after this season and the Yankees should deal both. Beltran is the team's hottest hitter and could bring back a decent prospect from a team looking for a veteran hitter who has a reputation for producing in the playoffs.

As for Teixeira if they can fool any team into giving up anything for him they should take it and run.

Let the kids play

Before the game on Saturday rumors were floating around that the Yankees were checking around to see if anyone was interested in catcher Brian McCann. Jon Heyman of Fan Rag Sports reported the team would be open to dealing McCann so they could bring up prospect Gary Sanchez.

While they are at it the Yankees should rid themselves of Alex Rodriguez and let some kids come up and get some at bats. These next two months would be a great time to evaluate some of their top level talent which will give them some insight on what they need to do before the 2017 season.

The Yankees and their fans need to realize that the time to start the rebuild is now.

Standing pat for a minuscule chance at the playoffs is just about the worst thing this team could do.

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