The WWE has been busy the past week following the historic brand split that went down recently. Raw and SmackDown are now two separate entities meaning each show has to stand on its own.WWE stars were distributed to both shows via the WWE Draft and new titles will be made. WWE Raw already announced the Universal title which will be up for grabs at SummerSlam 2016. Seth Rollins will be facing former NXT champion Finn Balor following the events from last Monday’s Raw.It was SmackDown’s turn to heat up the following day. The plan was to determine who reigning champion Dean Ambrose would be facing at next month’s pay-per-view.

“Six Pack Challenge”

To determine Ambrose’s opponent, a “Six Pack Challenge” was set. The match had big names in the mix like John Cena, AJ Styles, Apollo Crews, Bray Wyatt and Baron Corbin. The sixth man and perhaps the underdog of the bunch was Dolph Ziggler, someone who hasn’t achieved much since 2013.The obvious underdog of the bunch, Ziggler surprisingly came out the winner over the giants. Hence, it will be the “Showoff” going up against the “Lunatic Fringe” at SummerSlam 2016 which gives Ziggler another chance at fame.

Why Ziggler?

It seems interesting why Ziggler has become the chosen one to enter the “Ambrose Asylum." He hasn’t don’t much so far, toiling mostly on mid-cards.

He is a former champion but somehow his stars fell along the way.There could be more to the match than an expected rugged and fast-paced card, storylines which come to mind. With Ambrose as the obvious fan-favorite and face, could Ziggler be turning heel somewhere down the line?

To make that match work at SummerSlam 2016, there has to be an angle.

Ambrose is unlikely to do so being the star of the Smackdown roster. A change in persona could do well for Ziggler unless the WWE creative team has something diabolic in mind.Whatever that may be, it is likely to materialize in the coming weeks with plenty of time to evolve the storyline between Ziggler and Ambrose.

WWE SummerSlam happens on Aug. 21 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

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