It looks like “The King” is clear to return to SmackDown, as domestic assault charges against WWE Hall of Fame color commentator Jerry Lawler and his fiancée were dismissed on Friday.Lawler, 66, was arrested on the morning of June 17 at his home in Memphis, Tenn., as he and 27-year-old fiancée Lauryn McBride were both booked for domestic assault. As a result, WWE announced on its website that the longtime color commentator was to be suspended indefinitely, due to its zero tolerance policy on domestic violence cases.

A big misunderstanding, says lawyer

In a statement, Lawler’s attorney Ted Hansom explained that the issue between him and his fiancée was a “big misunderstanding, and won’t happen again.”Lawler and McBride were arrested last month after they had gotten into a violent argument over the latter supposedly lying about where she had been.

McBride was supposedly intoxicated at that time, and Lawler was trying to stop her from driving off in her car.

“We got into a little bit of a shouting match and then she wanted to leave,” Lawler said in an interview with WMAC Action News 5 shortly after his arrest. “I was not going to let her leave in the car, because she was just not in any condition to drive. She got more and more upset, she called 9-1-1 and scratched my face in the process. The police came in and said that this was a domestic dispute and that they were ‘going to have to take both of you guys downtown."

In her affidavit, McBride claimed that Lawler held her forcibly against a kitchen counter, then hit her in the front left side of the head and pushed her against a stove.

The Memphis Wrestling legend then grabbed an unloaded pistol and threatened McBride, telling her to “go ahead and kill yourself” as he placed the gun on the counter.

Back in time for the brand split

With the charges dismissed, Lawler should be back on the air right on time for WWE’s upcoming brand split, which takes place on the July 19 episode of Smackdown, the first to be held live on a Tuesday.

During his suspension, Lawler's spot in the announce table was taken by mostly-inactive wrestler David Otunga, who commentated alongside Mauro Ranallo and Byron Saxton.

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