Ryan Fitzpatrick

Perhaps no other quarterback in the league is as controversial as Ryan Fitzpatrick. OK, that was probably an exaggeration. The point still stands that fans are divided over whether he is truly a good quarterback. The New York Jets had one of the best off-seasons in the NFL when it came to signing their players. There are a lot of people who are excited about the fact that they paid up for their best players. Fitzpatrick was resigned by the team, and a lot of fans are happy about that. However, history tells us that Fitz, or the bearded wonder, it only as good as his team around him.

Brandon Marshall is going to play a huge role in his success this season.

Over time, Fitz has developed into a solid NFL quarterback. After stints with the Titans, Texans, and a few other teams, he has landed with the Jets. The Jets are a team that is always on the verge of making the playoffs but never really seem to get there. After Rex Ryan went to Buffalo, fans wanted to start over with a new coach and a new team. Here are a couple of things that Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to successful.

  • Good Offensive Line
  • Solid Receivers
  • Good Running Game

As you can see, these are not all that controversial. However, few NFL offenses have all of those things that they can offer to a quarterback.Fans could argue that almost any solid QB in the NFL could succeed under those conditions.

Jets Offense

Going into the season, the Jets knew that they had to get better on offense. Few teams in the NFL are able to survive over the long term without a solid base of supporting players. Anyone who is looking for a good QB to run the plays and be conservative can find that in Ryan Fitzpatrick.

However, is that really what the Jets fans want? Can anyone really see him taking this team to the playoffs and beyond?

In the NFL, having a quality quarterback is essential unless you are elite in other areas. For example, Peyton Manning had perhaps his worst season since his rookie year last year. However, he had the best defense in the league and a strong running game to help support him.

Fitz does not have that, and he will not while he is with the Jets.

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