Madden Franchise.

The Madden franchise is one of the most popular in the entire world. Every year, players are able to update their rosters based on incoming rookies and trades made within the league.

The good news for fans is this is the first look at how rookies are rated in the NFL. There are a lot of factors that go into rating a player.

  • Speed
  • Power
  • Tackling
  • Injury

Among many other features, these traits show which players are the most ready to step in and contribute right away. Over the long term, the teams that select the best players in the draft tend to fare the best. The Jacksonville Jaguars have the highest rated rookie according to Madden.

Jalen Ramsey comes in at #1 overall with an 82 overall rating. Ramsey was a great play making cornerback out of Florida State University. During his time in college, he was a ball hawk who knew how to turn the tide of a game. This is a really high rating for any rookie, and it shows just how much confidence the game makers have in his ability. There are other great rookies that come in behind him in the list. Here are a couple of names to watch.

Ezekiel Elliot.

Without surprise, the second highest player on the list was Ezekiel Elliot. With an overall rating of 80, Elliot should make an immediate impact on the field for the Cowboys. There are many fans hoping for a major change within the roster going into the season.

After winning just 4 games last year, the Cowboys need to make a lot of changes to get back into the playoffs. Ezekiel Elliot will run behind one of the best offensive lines in the entire NFL, and this is a great chance for him to make a difference.

Ronnie Stanley.

The Baltimore Ravens selected offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley really early in the 2016 draft.

Tunsil was the highest rated draft pick by many people, but the Ravens felt that Stanley fit in better with their overall team strategy. Learning to play offensive tackle in the NFL is never an easy job, but he has all of the talent and ability in the world to make an immediate difference. The Raves have a strong core group of players to build something in the future.

There are a lot of people who think that they could make a run at the playoffs in the next few years. Stanley living up to expectations will play a huge role in that.

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