After SEC media days, fall camp is the next step when it comes to counting down the college Football season. For teams in the SEC, there are a lot of fans who will be eagerly watching their teams in fall camp this year. There are several things that fans of all teams look for.

  • Lack of injuries
  • New freshmen players
  • Overall team chemistry

Fall camp is a time for the team to mesh before the grind of the season. With all of the quality teams in the SEC, there is a huge physical burden placed on players. This is why getting into shape during fall camp is so important. Few people can naturally bear the burden of the season.

Having quality depth is essential in this conference. Coming out of camp with limited injuries is essential to making an impact in the upcoming season. Tennessee and LSU both have high expectations coming into the 2016 season. In order to hit those expectations, it is important that both teams have successful fall camps.


LSU is a team that has a ton of talent at every position but quarterback. One of the most frustrating aspects of the Les Miles era for LSU fans has been the great talent outside of the quarterback position. In years when the position has been great, the Tigers have competed or won a national championship. For this year's fall camp, here are the questions that need to be answered for LSU.

  • Who is the starting Quarterback?
  • Can Fournette stay healthy?
  • How do the incoming freshmen look?

If LSU can have positives in all three of those areas, they will be able to compete for an SEC and national title. They were picked second in the SEC West this year at media days.


Tennessee finally has the talent, experience, and depth to compete for championships this year.

There are always questions for every team, but it really is hard to find a weak spot on this team.

  • Can Dobbsimprove his accuracy?
  • Which freshmen will contribute?
  • Will Rashaun Gaulden be back?
  • How is Shy Tuttle progressing?

Tennessee fans know that the schedule and the roster are shaping up for a big year.

After being picked to win the SEC East during media days, Vols fans are anxious for the season to start.

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