USC Trojans.

The USC Trojans are finally looking to put the penalties of probation behind them this year. Over time, this Football program has been one of the best in the history of college football. Few programs can boast about as many national championships or Heisman trophy winners. However, since Pete Carrol left for the NFL, the Trojans have had a hard time bouncing back. Now is the time for USC to stand up and beat a major opponent. In the opening week of college football, the Trojans get one of the toughest teams in the land in Alabama.

One of the things that USC has going for them is that no one expects them to win.

They are playing this game at Dallas Stadium, which is the largest football stadium in the world. Fans from all over the country will make the trip to see their favorite team play. Anyone who is looking for a great matchup in the first week of the season will find it here. USC must play a perfect game to win, and many people think that they match up well with Alabama.


Alabama is a program that just keeps reloading. There are few examples from college football history of a program that has been dominant for this long. Often times, when one player leaves the program after a string of success, the program never returns back to the point where it was. However, they keep signing the best recruiting classes every year, and this furthers their success.

This team may not be as good as previous teams, but they do have a lot to show the college football world in week 1. They are currently favored by over ten points, and many fans expect this game to be closer than the experts think. USC will have an entire summer to plan for this game. If they win, this will automatically propel them into the conversation for the college football playoff.

It will interesting to see how Alabama prepares for this game.


Although USC will give Alabama a good fight, over the course of the game the talent and experience of the Crimson tide will wear out this Trojan team. I expect that the game will be close early, but over time USC will falter.

Prediction: 34 - 21 Alabama

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