Von Miller Gets Paid.

Von Miller has been one of the most dominating defensive players in the NFL over the past few seasons. All offseason, he has been arguing with the Denver Broncos to get more guaranteed money. Many NFL stars have gotten huge contracts this offseason, and it makes the price tag of people like Von Miller go even higher. For example, Fletcher Cox received a huge contract from the Eagles with over $50 million in guaranteed money.

The Broncos had to sign this player back to their roster. After winning a Super Bowl, it is hard to keep the meat of a team together. In fact, Malik Jackson went to another team this offseason with a huge contract.

The defensive lineman out of Tennessee is now one of the highest paid linemen in the league. Von Miller got a huge contract because he is one of the best pass rushers in the country. Few people possess the combination that he has of both speed and power.

What About the Broncos?

There are some people who say that this deal is bad for the Broncos. Mega deals in sports rarely work out, and now the Broncos are left holding the bag without a lot of cap room. If they are going to take the next step as a team, they have to figure out a way to find more cap space. With this signing, it is going to be difficult to bring on any more quality players. Peyton Manning also left the team this offseason, and now they have to replace one of their best defensive players and their quarterback.

It will be interesting to see if they can sustain the success they had last season.

Investing for the Future.

For Von Miller, this is a great deal because it ensures that he is one of the highest paid players in the league. In fact, this contract was the largest amount of guaranteed money for any non quarterback in the history of the NFL.

It is going to be hard for the Broncos to get the most out of him after this deal. History tells us that super star players rarely live up to their hype after they sign a major deal. It will be interesting to see whether this holds true in the case of Von Miller and the Denver Broncos.

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