The Denver Broncosrecently made one of the biggest moves in team history on Friday, signing outside linebacker Von Miller to a six year, $114.5 million contract through the 2021 season. After five months of negotiation, Miller and his representatives reached a deal with the broncosthat will keep him with the organization and make fans delighted to see him back.

What's in it for Miller?

The deal that Miller agreed to came after the Broncos front office, including team president John Elway, upped the guaranteed money offer after Miller had rejected the original offer handed to him back in June.

The Broncos were not prepared to lose Miller and tried to make a deal that he was pleased him. The new deal in placeincludes a $23 million signing bonus and $42 million guaranteed at signing, along with $61 million guaranteed after the first year, and $70 million after the second year, making Miller the highest contract for a defensive player ever, although not the biggest in the league. The biggest deal so far was Indianapolis Coltsquarterback Andrew Luck's $140 million deal, with $87 million guaranteed.

Miller makes history.

The deal came just in time for the NFL's deadline for franchise tagged players to sign large deals. Miller had been tagged as the Bronco'sfranchise player, a term that he didn't want to be associated with.

The guarantees deal for Miller also beats out every other deal that has been made this off season, like New York Giants defensive end Oliver Vernon's $52 million guarantee andBuffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus's $60 million guarantee. If the contract had not come to light and had been agreed on, Miller's only options were to play under the salary and rules of a franchise-tagged player or sit out for the entire 2016 NFL season.

With the deal now set in place and tensions among him and the organization to an ease, everyone can relax about the situation.

Why the Bronco'sneed Miller

The 27 year old Miller has already achieved several accomplishments in his playing career. Coming out of Texas A&M University, he was the second pick in the first round of the 2011 NFL draft by the Broncos.

He's been selected to the Pro Bowl four times and was awarded the defensive rookie of the year. His 2013 campaign was rough one as he was suspended six games for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy, along with tearning his right ACL near the seasons end.

Resurgence of a hardworker.

Despite the early problems,he already has 60 tackles in his five playing seasons and played a big role, along with quarterback Peyton Manning,in the Bronco's journey to Super Bowl 50 this past season against the Carolina Panthers. During the game, in the first quarter, on a 3rd and 10 play at the 15 yard line, Miller sacked Panther's quarterback Cam Newton, knocking the ball out of his hands, which was picked up by Bronco's defensive tackle Malik Jackson and scored it for a touchdown.

The Broncos beat the heavily favored Panthers 24-10 in a game where the Broncos defense were the stars, capping off one of the greatest sports upsets in recent history. His play during the game earned him Super Bowl MVP honors. With Manning retired, fans will look to Miller to carry on the Bronco's legacy.

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