Brock Lesnar

There are few men in the world who can physically stand and fight with Brock Lesnar. He is a true strongman, and came close to playing the NFL. After a brief stint with the Vikings, he found his calling in WWE wrestling. He had a great career, but he found that he enjoyed MMA more.He would eventually sign a contract with the UFC and win the heavyweight title.

However, as the competition got better, he would eventually lose his belt. A pair of health issues prevented him from competing at a high level, and he went back to the WWE for five years.

This all changed last week when he was back in the octagon for UFC 200.

This was a huge event, and Brock Lesnar had the biggest contract of any fighter in UFC history at $2.5 million for this fight. Although a lot of people doubted him, he easily dominated Mark Hunt for the win. This was a huge victory for Lesnar, and he had proved all of the doubters wrong who thought that he could not win at a high level after being gone for that long.

Drug Testing

The UFC has had issues with several of its stars failing drug tests. In a competitive environment like MMA, guys are going to be tempted to use whatever they can to get a big advantage over the competition. Dana White wants the league to have a clean image, especially after it started off as a big controversy. At one time, it looked like the future of the league was in doubt.

Senator John McCain out of Arizona called for the sport to be banned. However, over time, the sport has grown on fans. Recently, star Jon "Bones" Jones was implicated in a serious crime. He also failed a drug test, and many people think that his last fight has happened. Lesnar is someone who commands a physical presence in any room.

With all of his physical gifts, he is still struggling to make a career in MMA. This latest round of failed drug tests will further hamper his ability.


In the future, it will be interesting to see if he is ever able to fight in the UFC again. A lot of people think that he should be banned, especially since this is not the first time allegations of drug test failures have come up in his career.

The sport has a lot going for it right now, and off the field incidents like this could damper it. Over time, he must learn to clean up his image and polish his game. He has all of the physical tools to dominate at a high level if he can.

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