The Bills have missed the playoffs for 16 seasons in a row, the longest drought in the NFL. Last season, the Bills finished with a record of 8-8 under new head coach Rex Ryan. Two years ago, the Bills defense carriedthe team to wins while Kyle Orton did just enough to secure them. Under Rex Ryan, the Billshad problems with a defense that was supposed to be one of the best unitsin the league.The Bills offense flourished under the genius of Greg Roman, who made sure that Buffalo had the best rushing attack in the league. The offense was successfully led by quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who actedas a starter for the first time ever in his NFL career.

Tyrod Taylor's role

The man who led the Bills offense last year was Tyrod Taylor, who proved that he could be one of the more effective NFL starters by passing for more than 3000 yards and throwing for 20 touchdowns. Taylor also took better care of the ball than most Bills quarterbacks in the past few seasons, throwing just 6 interceptions. Taylor actually set the Bills record last season for consecutive passes thrown without an interception. But that's not the only way Tyrod contributed to the Bills success. The fastest quarterback in the NFL also ran for 568 yards and scored 4 touchdowns, including severalruns that showcased an elusiveness most NFL quarterbacks lack.

What if Taylor succeeds next year?

If Taylor has another great year and manages to lead the Bills to the playoffs, Buffalo will have a problem on its hands. The third year of Taylor's deal was voided when he played more than 50% of snaps last year, which means Taylor's contract is guaranteed to expire at the end of next season.

The Bills have very limited cap space next season, and would likely struggle to sign a quarterback who would command at least mid tier quarterback money. This sounds like the Fitzpatrick disaster the Jets are having this season. In order to make ends meet, the Bills would be forced to pick and choose which stars are worth retaining.

If Taylor does succeed, there's no chance that the Bills will be able to keep their roster completely intact for next year. Making theplayoffs would be great, but Tyrod Taylor's contract situation will present major headaches for the Bills front office if it happens.

What if Taylor fails next season?

If Tyrod Taylor fails to showcase what made him an effective NFL quarterback next season, the Bills will alsohave a tough decision to make. They could sign Taylor and keep him as a cheaper starter, or they could search for a potential replacement. The other quarterback options on the Bills roster right now are pretty bleak. E.J. Manuel has already proven that he is incapable of being a NFL starter, and Cardale Jones has no track record in the NFL.

If Taylor is bad enough, the Bills could be forced to roll the dice on yetanother first round quarterbackwho mightgive the Bills a better chance at the playoffs. If that does happen, Bills fans will be furious as the team is forced to undergo a "rebuilding" process once again.


The Bills could have chosen to extend Tyrod Taylor's contract at the conclusion of the 2015 NFL season. The Bills would have had to pay mid-level quarterback money to do so. Bills GM Doug Whaley was smart to not give Tyrod Tayloran extension. His proclivity for getting injured, tendency to hold onto the ball too long in the pocket, and lack of comeback ability are all risks that should have precluded Taylor from earning any significant pay raise after just one successful year.

Still, there's no avoiding the lose-lose decision that the Bills will have to make at the conclusion of the 2016 NFL season.

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