The US court system had some bad news for Tom Brady today. After a lengthy process, the courts have decided not to allow an appeal from Tom Brady. That means the Patriots star quarterback will definitely be suspended for the first four games of the 2016 NFL season, opening a window of opportunity thatteams in the AFC Eastshould be able to take advantage of.

Buffalo Bills

The team most well positioned to take advantage of Tom Brady's suspension is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills have an opportunity to take on the Patriots without Brady in week 4, when the Bills travel to Gillette Stadium. If the Bills can secure a victory in that game, they will have a massive advantage over the Patriots and the tiebreaker if they can later defeat the Patriots at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

The Bills have failed to beat the Patriots in most road games, but the constant of Tom Brady was always looming over them. This time, the Bills will get to take on a far weaker Jimmy Garoppolo, a quarterback the Bills defense has already proven itcan frustrate.

New York Jets

The Jets almost made the playoffs last season thanks to a strong regular season performance from an elite defense. The Jets were also aided by Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, who were able to help Ryan Fitzpatrick attain his best season ever. There are a fewreasons why the Jets are not as well positioned as the Bills. First, the Jets have volatile contract situations with Muhammad Wilkerson and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Second, the Jets, unlike the Bills, do not get the direct advantage of playing the Patriots without Brady during the regular season.

That means the Jets will be unable to get that crucial tiebreaker win that can often determine playoff berths in the AFC.

Miami Dolphins

It's hard to see how the Dolphins can take advantage of Tom Brady's absence. The Dolphins have a first year head coach who wants to implement a brand new offense that will likely require some adjustment.

The Dolphins also added a number of players in free agency and also lost several, including Brent Grimes and Olivier Vernon. That means adjustments will be necessary on both sides of the ball. Even without Brady for four games, it's hard to see the Dolphins making much of an impact in the AFC East, even if they do get to play the Patriots without Brady in week 2.

New England Patriots

The team most affected by the Brady suspension is obviously the Patriots. It's kind of tough to play games without one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Still, if the Patriots canmanage to go at least 2-2 in games against the Cardinals, Dolphins, Texans, and Bills, they will have a great chance to win the AFC East again when Brady comes back from suspension. For now, the Patriots are just hoping that Garoppolo can be good enough to win a few of those games.

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