Tim Duncan is arguably one of the best NBA players of all time and has often been called the power forward. Today is a sad day for the San Antonio Spurs, who are saying goodbye to Duncan.

Tim Duncan played 19 years in the NBA

The now 40-year old Tim Duncan has played in the NBA for 19 seasons. During his long career, Tim won five NBA championships and two MVP wins. To further prove Tim Duncan's greatness, the decorated professional Basketball player took his San Antonio Spurs to the NBA playoffs every single year that he played for them.

Duncan was a number one pick in the NBA draft after spending four years at Wake Forest.

Duncan didn't originally aspire to play basketball. Despite his 6-foot 11-inch build, Duncan originally was a swimmer but had such an affinity for basketball that once he started playing, he never looked back.

When Tim Duncan was originally drafted, he played alongside David Robinson. Some may remember the big two used to be called "The Twin Towers" as they dominated the court. Robinson retired in 2004 and he became the star of the Spurs, only to later be surrounded by Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard, and LaMarcus Aldridge.

As the San Antonio Spurs team as a whole has become younger over the years and Tim Duncan has gotten older, Duncan's playing time has been starting to dwindle despite still having the athleticism to compete with players who are half his age.

To prove just how great Duncan remained to play, he even made the All-Star team in 2015.

Duncan quietly dominated professional basketball

Tim Duncan never was flamboyant like many of those in the NBA. Instead, the low-key star managed to dominate in enough ways that Duncan will always be considered an NBA great even though he was one of the most low-profile players to ever hit the league.

The five time ring holder even managed to go out without a bang.In the same year that Kobe Bryant retired with a bang and lots of celebration, Duncan also bowed out but instead he said his goodbyes quietly as he moves on to the next phase in his life.

It makes sense that Duncan would decide to bow out now.

As a Spurs lifer in the current NBA where dominant teams will likely be the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers for years to come, it looks like the reign of San Antonio as a dominant force is over.

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