The Three Musketeers  - Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann, and Hugo Lorris - have put France in the finals of the EURO 2016 championships. In a thrilling match in the competition so far France have managed to beat the world champions and the firm favorites Germany by two goals to nil. Antoine Griezmann's two goals have put France into the finals of the European championship. France has also made history by defeating the German giants for the first time since 1958.


The fall of Germany.

When the match started almost half the world thought that Germany would definitely and easily win this match given that France had beaten Iceland by 5 goals to 2 in the quarter-finals Sunday (3 July). But Germany has fallen. It's all quiet on the German front. However, they fought right till the end and, given their game, the final score would have stood as Germany 4 - 2 France. To quote Marlon Brando's words from On the Waterfront, "It wasn't their night." They "could've been the contenders instead of the bums." So many times they had come too close to scoring many goals but, as fate would have it, they had to loose

Trials and errors: Germany's efforts at scoring goals.

In the beginning the German captain Bastian Schweinsteiger's single effort at the goal, shot in almost the similar fashion and from the same distance as the Belgian's Radja Nainggolan nearly got Germany ahead and, ironically, it was him who will be held responsible for providing France with the first goal, the penalty that was given was the result of Schweinsteiger's seemingly purposeful handball.


Then there were other great efforts by Germany like the curving shot taken by the young German Joshua Kimmich that hit the goal post. Again there was that free-kick taken by the unsuspecting Julian Drexlar that nearly got Germany back in the game. The trials and errors by Germany went on right until the dying moments of the match when a header hissed past the top of the goalpost. And that other amazing wide-stretched acrobatic save by the French goalkeeper Hugo Lorris.


Highlight of the match.

The highlight of the match was, however, that save by Jonas Hector who has since replaced, the German right back and the ex-captain since his retirement from international football, Philip Lahm. France would have surely scored a third goal if it wasn't for the brilliant coming-all-the-way-from-the-back tackle by Jonas Hector. The French star striker and arguably one of the master free-kick takers in the world, Dimitri Payet did take the shot in front of the near empty goal but he must have been totally shocked, and amazed at the same time, at finding a leg coming from nowhere and deflecting his high-powered shot at Lorris.

Why Pogba should be the captain in the finals against Portugal.

Even though the man-of-the-match Antoine Griezmann scored the two goals that put France in the finals of the EURO 2016 championships, it was Paul Pogba who played an even more crucial role in the build-up of the goals. The wicked game (taken from Chris Isaak's titular hit song) that he is playing and the form that he is at  - playing with responsibility and maturity -  given his young age (23 years old), Paul Pogba has the potential of not only winning this year's Ballon d'Or Award, but also has a good chance of  leading France in the finals as Captain. To create an opportunity, a goal, out of almost nothing is the sort of skill that great players like Pogba possess.


Many Pogba fans across the world took to social media to show their excitement regarding his amazing assist (Check out #francevsgermany). Hugo Lorris', the French goalkeeper and Captain, The Guardian described him as his "rubber left arm comes from nowhere to claw" the constant German shots out. Larris'  acrobatic efforts led France to clash with Portugal (in other exciting words; Cristiano Ronaldo.)

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