Von Milleris one of the most dominant defensive players in the NFL. The Denver Broncos have had a ton of talented players leave for other teams this offseason. One of the challenges for NFL teams, after winning a Super Bowl, is hanging on to all of their best players. Many times, this is the best chance for a player to sign a massive deal. This offseason, many defensive players have signed major deals. This is good news for Von as he is the best of them all.

Thecurrent contract disputeis over guaranteed money. This is a lot better place than the team used to be in negotiations. The disagreement must be resolved by July 15th.

If it is not resolved by then, the only way that Von Miller can play this year is under thefranchise tag. This is something that he has said he will refuse to do.

Contract signing

The Broncos need to do everything they can to make sure that Von Miller is happy. With Malik Jackson leaving for another team, the Broncos have a huge void to fill on the defensive line. If Miller was to leave, that would leave a huge hole that would be difficult to fill. The Broncos have had some issues in the past signing their best players. With the big Fletcher Cox contract this offseason, Von Miller is looking to be paid for his great work over the past year. If the Broncos are unwilling to pay up, theycould have some serious trouble.

Von Miller production

One of the reasons that the Broncos do not want to sign a long term deal that is guaranteed is the production factor. Studies show that NFL players see their total production go down after signing a long term deal. With all of the guaranteed money, they have little incentive to risk their health playing for a team.

Over the long term, teams would rather tie all of their pay to performance.

This has a major impact in a lot of ways for teams who are trying to save money. With this new deal, Von Miller will become the highest paid non quarterback in the NFL. With his performance last year, it is hard to say that he is not worth it.

The Broncos need to weight the pros and cons of signing him to a long term deal. If they cannot seal the deal, they could be in major trouble heading into 2016. The team is already going to have to replace Peyton Manning and Malik Jackson.

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