Little things. Things that hold little meaning alone. Like when you play this team or that. Hey, they're all on the schedule so what difference does it make what week you play who? Depends on who you ask. Some people would say that Tennessee playing Arkansas right after the Florida loss was a little thing that made a difference last year. Did it cost the Vols a win? Don't know, but I do know it didn't help.

An example of aCrimson Tidelittle thing:

From 2005 through 2014, big, bad Alabama's schedule included three top 25 teams in a row, five times:2005, 2006, 2010, 2012 and 2014. In every instance, the Tide lost at least one -- or two -- of the games.

Didn't matter how highly ranked either team was or where they played. Just the fact that they played three in a row. About this tidbit: once, twice or maybe even three in a row, equals coincidence. Five in a row equals a trend.

My point here is simple. We all know that playing a team at their place instead of yours creates some advantage for the home team. To compensate, people who set the betting lines take that into account, adding one to as many as five points to the home team line.A similar thing happens to most teams who play two or more emotional games in a row. The only difference is there isn't a set way to measure it because the difference varies depending on injuries, coaching, rivalry, bulletin board material and even what happened last time they played.

Back to the Vols and the 2016 schedule:

Looking over the schedule, it boils down to the following:

Sept. 1 -- Home -Appalachian State - Fun and a real ballgame for a half.

Sept. 10 -- Away -Virginia Tech "Battle at Bristol"- Vols should win but it could become a game.

Sept. 17 --Home -Ohio - Perfectly placed MAC game.

Any Bristol hangover wiped out here.

Sept. 24 --Home- Florida- If Vols fall to these guys again, they may need to play in the Mac next year.

Octo. 1-- Away - Georgia - Danger! Danger!- Look at the film from last year and tell me this will be easy.

Insert NCAA College Football knowledge:

If the Vols are 4-0 or if they lose to Florida (3-1), the Georgia game will define the season for UT.

Don't get cocky to your Dawg buddies, these guys can beat the Vols this year!

Octo. 8 -- Away - Texas A&M -"Little things 101"- If U.T. arrives 5-0, they will likely leave 6-0. However, if they lose to Florida or Georgia, expect this game to come down to the wire and could go either way.

"Little things 102" -If the Vols lose to Florida but win at Georgia, they will likely win at A&M.

Octo. 15 --Home -Alabama -If the Vols come in 6-0, they willvery likelybeat Alabama.

"Little things 103" - If Tennessee loses to Texas A&M, they will likely lose to Alabama.

"Little things 104" - The Vols will win out from this point of the season forward. As a result, they finish between 9-3 and 12-0.

My personal analysis says the Tennessee Volunteers will finish at 11-1 or 12-0.

But anything at 10 wins or above should be something to be excited about in Knoxville.

One day, I will write about exactly what makes up the "little things" and how they interact on games along with which games they actually affect.

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