Simona Halep might retreat from this year'sOlympic Games,which are to be held inRio de Janeiro, because of the Zika virus.

The Romanian Tennis sensation stated in an interview withReuters that she was very concerned regarding theZika virus, after she had spoken with more than one doctor. She said that she would make a definite decision about her participation in the Olympic Games after the Wimbledon tournament. At this moment, she is undecided about going to the games in Brazil.

Concern for the future

She mentioned that she needed to find out more about the situation as it was very difficult to find all the necessary information.

She spoke with many doctors and will ask others after the Wimbledon tournament. She heard that even if she is not pregnant the moment she gets affected, when she does conceive that could be the moment the virus becomes active. Knowing this, Halep is currently very concerned.

It's a real dilemma

As she wishes to go to Rio de Janeiro, she wants to be assured that the place is secure and safe. Whenever she plays tennis, her health is the most important thing she thinks about. As dangerous as it is, many athletes retreated from Rio for the same reason. It is a real dilemma when one’s health is at stake and Simona cannot say yet whether she will go to Rio or not.

She will decide later on

After the tournament is over, Simona Halep will decide if she is to go or not.

She will be very disappointed if she has to retreat, as she loves the Olympics ceremonies and the fact that she will be united with athletes from her home country.

The Olympic Games are important for her country, however her health is more important. She ended the statement by saying that she needs to take care of her body.

Halep’s declaration is surprising, as she never questioned whether to attend the Olympics or not up until now. Moreover, Simona declared multiple times that she would like to be the Romanian flag bearer at the Olympic Games opening ceremony. Simona Halep is qualified for the Olympics and she would follow up in the female category for the Rio competitions.

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