Media Days

SEC media days is the unofficial start to fall Football camp. Millions of college football fans across the country will tune in to what their head coach has to say on the state of their beloved program. Over time, there have been a lot of great moments that come from SEC media days. One familiar face will not be there this year. Steve Spurrier has been a coach for decades, at both Florida and South Carolina. During that time, he helped to build up both programs to be contenders on both a conference and national scale. Although he was a great coach on the field, he was always a great interview for the media.

Steve Spurrier has a lot of great moments in his interview history. One time, he remarked that playing Georgia at the beginning of the year was always good because they were sure to have a couple of players suspended. Over time, he developed a reputation as someone who would say whatever was on his mind. After a brief stint in the NFL from 2002 - 2004, he went back to coach a terrible program in South Carolina. He would lead them to 11 win seasons three years in a row, a feat which had never been accomplished at the school before.

Predicting the SEC

The SEC is traditionally one of the hardest conferences to predict. Every team in the conference has the talent and coaching to win at a high level (except for Vanderbilt).

Each team's fanbase expects to win every year, and this year there are several teams with even higher expectations. From the SEC west, the question is whether LSU can knock off Alabama for control of the conference. In the East, fans are wondering whether it is Tennessee's time to win the SEC. It will be an interesting season for certain, and this is the start of football season for many fans.

What to Watch

It is hard to get any real information out of SEC media days. Few coaches are going to go on the platform and proclaim how great their team is this year. Rather, many coaches will down play expectations heading into the season. This gives them a slight cover if things do not go as expected this year.

Whether you are a huge sports fan or not, SEC media days is always a great laugh.

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