Russell Wilson has found a different kind of success off the Football field. Today, the pair was wed in a castle in front of more than 100 people in England. The marriage came after nearly two years of dating. Prior to the marriage, Wilson had pledged to save himself until after marriage. Today, Russell Wilson will reap the benefits of his patience when he marries the beautiful and highly successful Ciara. Russell Wilson certainly won't be saving himself any longer.

Wedding pictures:

Now that's one attractive couple.

Hopefully Future doesn't make good on his promise to kill Ciara's ex fiance anytime soon. That was likely an empty threat, but it would clearly break up a very happy couple. Ciara even declared her name changed to Wilson in honor of the special occasion.

That's a great start for what will likely become a beautiful family between Ciara and Wilson. The only question that remains is what their children will end up looking like. If any have half the talent of their parents, they will be highly successful in their life endeavors. And let's not forget that both Russell Wilson and Ciara are very beautiful people who will be passing both of their genes onto their children.

Castle pictures:

The pair reportedly held their wedding in a beautiful castle in England, but the event unfortunately banned cell phones. Spectators were still able to grab a few snapshots of the castle in which the wedding took place.

That's a pretty awesome setting for a wedding.

But I wouldn't expect anything less from one of the NFL's best players. And I wouldn't expect Ciara to settle for anything less than the best either. Let's grab an aerial view of the castle that the pair chose for their epic wedding.

That's a huge area of land.

The castle is also steeped in history, having been built in the 19th century. I can't even imagine how expensive it would have been to book this place. But you only get married (hopefully) once, so sparing no expense should come naturally. I hope that Russell Wilson and Ciara lead a beautiful life filled with love and laughter together.

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